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We've been busy at the shop.
Check out these websites that we've designed & developed or had a hand in maintaining aesthetic & functionality. A LOT of WordPress (wp), for good reason.

There's some wonderfully heartfelt projects/services our clients are sharing; take a look!

Probably people YOU would do business with too.

The Rummy Club (wp)
Davida Taurek (wp)
The Intuitive Writing Project
Loving Arms Childbirth Services
Savita Skye (wp)
VoiceFlame (wp)
Kagin's Inc. (wp)
Spencer Elrod (wp)
Linda Lesem (wp)
Traveling Postcards (wp)
Shelter to Shelter (wp)
Paula Santi
Property Pros
Cynthia Leslie Bole (wp)
Catherine Henderson, CMT
Persian Studies Dept / SJSU
Essential Strengths (wp)
Laverty Chacon (wp)
Barberia Salon (wp)
Sergio Magana (wp)
The Little Bangs (wp)

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